Dr Leila Radfar

Dr Leila Radfar


Dr Radfar is a SCOPE certified weight management specialist.  She has 20 years of general practice and hospital based experience and has seen how weight impacts on all areas of medicine.   

In particular, she is passionate about obesity and weight loss management in individuals that have found it hard to make sustainable change.  She recognizes that there is a complex interplay of physical and psychological aspects that need to be tackled simultaneously to make long term success a reality.   

Having broad grounding in her career, she is aware of the importance of engaging a multidisciplinary team with drawing up of careplans that ensure your care is holistic and is not just based on diet or medications alone. 

Outside medicine, Leila is a keen runner and enjoys the physical and mental health benefits of getting out for a run in nature after a long work day.  She is also a member of the Melbourne chapter of Achilles international, offering guide support for visually impaired runners so they can realise the benefits as well.