Menopausal Symptoms

What are menopausal symptoms?

Menopause is a time of transition when the ovaries stop producing estrogen.  The transition is very different for every woman with some just noticing mild symptoms while others finding it hard to function at work and home.

Typical symptoms are hot flushes, fatigue as well as loss of libido, vaginal dryness but the most troublesome can be the cognitive and emotional effects from memory impairment and loss of focus or concentration to emotional disturbances and sometimes even mood disorders.

Is hormone therapy safe?

The concerns about hormone replacement therapy, their side effects and potential risks of breast cancer and blood clots are to be heeded but not overstated. Today, we have preparations of hormones that reduce that risk significantly to provide far more benefit than risk.  

We will assess your risk versus benefit for hormone therapy and for those where hormonal therapy is deemed not suitable, there are also non-hormonal options to consider.  Lifestyle changes can also be implemented to complement hormone and non-hormonal therapy.  Being informed of your choices, discussing the pros and cons is important to help you transition well through what can be a challenging few years.

Do I have to go through menopausal symptoms and hormone therapy for life?

Most women only use hormone therapy for a short duration with symptoms disappearing over time.  We will guide you through this transition.

An important part of menopause management is that menopause is an ideal time to reassess overall health and well-being for the second stage of life.  This involves examining and reducing risks like osteoporosis and heart disease as well as setting you up psychologically for a time when purpose and fulfilment is taking on new meaning and dimensions.  Come and discuss how we can make it shift from a troublesome condition to a successful transition.